Art exhibition "Momentum" - Malta (October 2019)

AX Global was very proud to sponsor the first art exhibition organised in Malta by Momentum during the weekend of 25-27 October 2019. When Cyril Sancereau, a photographer working and living in Malta, came to present us his new project called “Momentum”, we immediately wanted to be part of this ambitious challenge and sponsored its first exhibition.

Momentum is an artist network whose aim is to organise art events for specific sites. By questioning the architecture but also the geographical, social and cultural data of the place, these artists are invited to experiment and work on a site in order to carry out ephemeral and in-situ interventions.

We liked the main idea of artists working on an existing site, explore the potential that this site can provide, how they can interact with it, integrate the site into their art project. This deep relationship between a site and a construction or renovation project has always guided AX Global's architectural development choices.

We were also very happy to discover that the site chosen was an old Maltese house in the very typical Maltese village called Senglea. Before being acquired by Lorenzo de Ninno, architect, this house was historically a famous tailor shop, its workshop door always open to people living around as well as to customers coming from outside Senglea. Lorenzo is very attached to keep the same spirit and make this house not only his home and office but also a place of experimentation and welcome artists in residence.

We loved that Momentum gave the artists the freedom to create a piece of art in harmony with this “naked” site, offering the visitors, coming from all over Malta, a very personal glimpse of the intimate relationship each artist had developed with the site.
Aidan Celeste studied art practice as research and has a background in media archaeology. His research about vision and moving image was developed at the University of Malta with an MFA in Digital Arts (2013), followed by a set of spatial interventions. In his position as an artist working with landscape, such as his contribution to VIVA (Valletta, 2018), Il-Bahar Madwarha (Valletta, 2018), Open Set Reader (Rotterdam, 2018), and Fragmenta (Malta, 2015), he alters the perception of a location by exposing the uncertainty of such an experience, be it through a camera obscure, cognitive scripts, or found objects. This technique is produced as a recollection of objects which diverge one's experience of the same object twice or three times over. In essence, it exposes the inescapable process of making meaning as a personal encounter, and the tension of romanticism and self-awareness.
Alberto Favaro is an Italian architect currently residing in Malta. His architectural work has always been accompanied by artistic research, with the intent to question and problematize space. He makes use of different mediums to express his work such as drawing and printing of imaginary architecture, photography, art installations. His most recent investigations about the spatiality of borders were presented in Mdina (Malta) as an art performance and photographic installation entitled “Geography Of Life” as part of Utopian Nights 2018, at St James Cavalier in Valletta (Malta) with the installation "Do not cross" as part of the Exhibition "To Be Defined" and the installation "Inside The Border" made in collaboration with Elise Billiard Pisani for the Mahalla Festival in Valletta.
Cyril Sancereau is a French artist from Paris, based in Malta. A student of architecture and graduate of Beaux-Arts de Rennes, his work aims to document the impermanence and fragility of the landscape. His lasts personal exhibitions were at the Malta Postal Museum in 2018 and at Lazuli Art Gallery after being invited for an artist residence in Gozo in February 2019. He's currently preparing a video installation for "Nuit Blanche Paris" which will take place on the 5th October 2019. From 2015 to 2017 Cyril also organized every year a workshop at MAC VAL (Musée d’Art Contemporain du Val de Marne) where students accompanied by participating artists explored the boundaries between art and architecture.
Sandra Zaffarese is a half Maltese, half English visual Artist based in Malta. She studied Sculpture at Chelsea and then at Camberwell Art college in London. Though her heart and soul still lie in the sculptural domain, she finds herself trying her hand at everything and anything. A true multi-disciplinarian interested in the all too often overlooked or undercooked. Sandra co-founded and ran a very successful artist led Gallery space in the south of England for many years. Since moving back to Malta she has enjoyed a successful career as a Set Dresser for films and stills. For over a decade she has been the Creative Director of The Kinemastik Short Film Festival and co-founded the first Childrens film festival in Malta. She has returned to the practice of curating and producing exhibitions, most recently heading up the Major exhibition 'Dal Bahar Madwarha' for Valletta 2018 Capital of Culture.